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The following are among the most frequently asked questions. The answers are brief and of a general nature. We invite you to contact Magnum Precision Machines for more specific answers to all your questions. Our sales staff will be glad to assist you in developing a total solution to suit all your manufacturing needs.

Question: Does Magnum Precision Machines, Inc. offer financing of the machine tools that Magnum represents?

Answer: Yes, Magnum has the services of many fine lending agencies, for those who qualify.

Question: Can Magnum Precision Machines, Inc. provide financing for their Mexican National customers residing in Mexico?
Answer: Yes, Magnum has a leasing company that we use for our Mexican National customers who qualify for financing.

Question: Does Magnum Precision Machines, Inc. have any rental programs for the equipment that they represent?
Answer: Yes, in most cases, Magnum has been able to create a suitable rental program.

Question: Are machine tool manuals available in languages other than English?
Answer: In most cases the answer is yes, depending upon the machine tool manufacturer.

Question: Is training available by Spanish speaking personnel?
Answer: Again the answer is yes, in most cases, if not Magnum Precision Machines, Inc. offers translation support.

Question: Will Magnum sell used machines on a consignment basis?
Answer: Yes, Magnum will advertise them locally and nationally and internationally on the Magnum web site.